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Where It Began


In September of 2007 I began gathering imagery to document the homeless on the streets of Phoenix Arizona. That Fall I volunteered both time and resource at a local homeless shelter to better understand the circumstance and plight of those without a place to call home. The project took shape, when the first man I photographed wept as I asked his name, “You have no idea how long it has been since someone cared to ask my name”, he stated.


Through the course of this journey I have met many souls that through a bad set of circumstance, addiction or mental illness find themselves without a door to walk through at day’s end. They had fallen into what some had referred to as an “Invisible World". The project is a humble attempt to bring dignity and humanity to those less fortunate among us





Our mission, The I Have a Name Project firmly resolves to restore dignity, compassion and understanding for those less fortunate.


The Project's enduring mission aspires to create greater awareness in the effort to inspire change. Join with us hand-in-hand, as we move forward delivering hope where hope has run thin. 


We are giving a voice to the silenced.


Where We Are Going 


During the last  several years The I Have a Name Project has been warmly embraced by social media, enjoyed several exhibitions, a book signing, participation in regional forums on homelessness and has proudly worked

to feed and clothe our neighbors in need.


We have recently completed an ambitious mural project that carries a message of awareness and remembrance for the homeless. The Project collaborated on design with artists Wayne Rainey and Brian Boner in creation of this public piece of art.  Dedication of "The Garden" was accompanied by a candlelight vigil for those who have perished homeless on our city streets.  


Going forward we shall continue our work in outreach to help those experiencing homelessness, expand our social media presence and travel with our exhibition to create conversations in awareness.  





 Simple Ways You Can Help



Volunteer A good place to start volunteering is at a local shelter in your community. The most productive way to help the homeless is in joining forces with a well-established operation. As a volunteer you will learn from those who are already making a difference.



Respect One of the best ways to help a homeless person is the demonstration of respect. Look into their eyes, talk to them with genuine interest, and recognize their value as an individual, having no door to walk through at day’s end is a very dehumanizing existence, a small amount of dignity and respect provide a human experience that helps beyond measure.

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